MakePossible - Redefining Mentorship

MakePossible provides mentoring by community for community to advance professionals in STEM.

About us

Our Vision
A world where aspiration, opportunity and diversity intersect

Our Mission
Help women connect, collaborate and lead through a dedicated mentoring network in STEM


Mentoring Support

Join a dedicated professional mentoring network focused on building skills and confidence.

Connect with someone...

  • Who is where you dream of being.
  • To learn a particular skill.
  • To discover new opportunities.
  • To provide guidance and support.

Leadership Opportunities

Develop your leadership skills with support from thought leaders and professionals.

  • Have coffee with leaders and seasoned professionals and compare experiences.
  • Attend events and workshops as a participant or a speaker.
  • Source strategic contacts to leverage your development as a professional.
  • Carve a path for others to follow.

Networking Connections

Connect with fellow Make Possible members, take part in organized industry events and expand your professional network.

  • Meet people in your professional field or learn about a career opportunity.
  • Gain experience networking in a supportive environment by attending our events and workshops.
  • Reach someone on the other side of the world via Skype.
  • Make friends who will be there to help out.

Professional Development

Learn new skills, impart your wisdom with others and contribute to a collaborative network of developing professionals.

  • Learn how to navigate politics in the workplace from someone who’s been there.
  • Pick up a sneaky tech trick from someone twice your junior.
  • Beef up your resume by asking someone to teach you a professionally relevant skill.
  • Share your knowledge and expertise with someone less experienced.

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MakePossible was created by SCWIST
(Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology)
With project funding support from Women and Gender Equality Canada